Why Osmart

OSMART® is a range of products targeted at sewage treatment plants. It comprises process control, assistance in daily operations and support in investment planning.

OSMART® can be the answer to each client’s needs.

Compliance with discharge limits

OSMART® controls the sewage treatment through an intermittent aeration process that alternates aerobic nitrification phases and anoxic denitrification ones. The process logic is based on the direct monitoring of working parameters acquired in the field. Such an approach allows a plant to cope with variations of incoming pollution loads in an automated and effective manner, significantly increasing the abatement efficiency of total nitrogen and ensuring compliance with discharge limits.

Energy saving

Automation modules by OSMART® increase the operational flexibility of the plant, allowing it to dynamically adapt to the operator’s needs. This has a positive impact on the energy usage of the sewage treatment plant: it optimizes operations of installed equipment and avoids wastes of electricity.

Saving of resources

Reduction of surplus sludge: alternating aerobic and anoxic phases in the biological reactor stresses the biomass, with the consequent reduction of biomass growth rate, which is directly linked to sludge production.

Increased biological removal of phosphorus: during low-load periods, OSMART® maintains non-aerated conditions for longer than is strictly needed for denitrification. In the long term, this leads to a selection of phosphorus accumulating biomass and, subsequently, to a reduction of chemical reagents dosage.

A team at your service

Choosing OSMART® means receiving a complete and customized service: complete because we take care of everything, from preliminary data analysis (Data Analysis Protocol – DAP) to software development and after-sales technical service; customized because we identify easy to interpret KPIs for our customers, which allow us to monitor and compare a large number of plants and to offer decision-making support when planning investments.

At every step, the OSMART® team, made up of young, highly specialized process engineers, offers expertise and passion to every customer, with the aim to identifying innovative and effective solutions that meet each specific need.