Who we are

The OSMART® team, born in Trento in 2014 within ETC Sustainable Solutions, is made up of environmental and civil engineers. All of them are specialized professionals with academic roots, they are aware of the real needs of engineering and the importance of making the most advanced knowledge usable so as to convert it into cutting-edge tools. People and the environment are the focus of our activities.
Thanks to OSMART®, we take care of our customers and their sewage treatment plants, sharing their challenges and their goals: giving importance to wastewater, cleaning it from pollutants and, once renewed, giving it back to society and the world.


Protection of the environment, human well-being and sustainable development: our work is founded on these values and on a methodological approach that puts the innovation of products and services first, thanks to continued investments in research and development and cooperation with research institutes and trailblazing companies.

Therefore, the OSMART® team obtains tangible results by proposing the best technical solutions to tackle increasingly complex problems, all while ensuring efficiency, the highest level of assistance and meeting deadlines.

This is who we are

Shared ideals, different but complementary professional experiences, forward-looking and always researching and innovating. We became engineers to take care of the environment and society. We keep doing it, with OSMART®.

Claudio Modena
Sales Director
Lorenzo Rizzoli
Operations Director
Debora Agarossi
Responsabile Ufficio Service
Francesca Bellamoli
Responsabile Produzione 4.0
Marco Vian
Product Development Engineer | Responsabile R&D
Francesca Benci
Process Engineer - Ufficio Service
Francesco Gelmini
Product Engineer | Avviamenti Software
Nicola Salmaso
Process Engineer
Anita Rigoni
Process Engineer - Service Office
Giuseppe Pietricola
Process Engineer - Service Office
Elena Lebedeva
Software Developer
Neda Memarian
Assistant Product Engineer - Customer service
Maurizio Mastretta
Technical Sales Engineer
Pietro Barbieri
Pietro Barbieri - Project Management
Elvira Fochi
HR and Learning Manager
Andrea Minelli
Junior Administrative and Tax Assistant
Laura Penasa
Segreteria Operativa