OSMART ® STD is the process controller designed to optimize sewage treatment plants of any kind and size, with a view to guaranteeing compliance with discharge limits, and, simultaneously, reduce resource consumption.

The product controls several electromechanical components within many treatment compartments in the plant, with a view to obtaining the following results:

  • improve the removal efficiency of nutrients and polluting compounds from the wastewater;
  • maximize of plant operational flexibility
  • save energy
  • reduce sludge production
  • minimize usage of chemical reagents

The key strength of the product is the possibility to implement it in any kind of process chain, without limitation in terms of size and complexity. The automation logics are carefully customized by an experienced team of project managers and programmers, based on the client’s specific needs.

The controller uses the most advanced algorithms to control the biological treatment, according to a logic of intermittent aeration for the nitrification and denitrification processes. This is done by controlling direct parameters, such as ammonia and nitrates, in the biological tank.

Consequently, the controller significantly improves the abatement efficiency of total nitrogen at discharge and substantially saves electricity too. Not only does OSCART ® STD make the biological section of a sewage treatment plant more efficient. It is also equipped with several automation modules that are designed to optimize other treatment compartments, ensuring a 360° control of the sewage treatment process. The system can manage pumps and the dosing systems of chemical reagents based on analytical measurements acquired in the field.

Therefore, this innovative automation tool is able to take full advantage of available resources and reduce material and energy consumptions by the whole sewage treatment plant.

The automation modules now available are the following:

  • OSMART® – Intermittent Aeration: for the nitrification/denitrification by intermittent aeration within the biological compartment;
  • OSMART® – Mixed Liquor Recirculation (D/N): to optimize the recirculated mixed liquor flowing into the biological volume for pre-denitrification/nitrification layouts. The control can be associated to the intermittent aeration module;
  • OSMART® – Sludge Retention Time (SRT) Control: to monitor and regulate the sludge retention time of the system, maximizing the sewage treatment efficiency of the biological process and ensuring control of surplus sludge production;
  • OSMART® – Sludge Recirculation: to monitor and regulate the sludge recirculated back into the biological compartment;
  • OSMART® – Chemical Dephosphatation: to regulate the dosage of dephosphatating reagents for the chemical removal of phosphorus;
  • OSMART® – COD Dosage: to regulate external COD dosage, which along with monitoring the denitrification stage, helps to maximize discharge quality with the minimum quantity of dosed RBCOD; OSMART® – Disinfection: to regulate the dosage of disinfection reagents in the final disinfection compartment of the plant;
  • OSMART® – Polyelectrolyte Dosage: to regulate the polyectrolyte dosage used to improve sludge dehydratability;
  • OSMART® – Aerobic Stabilization: to implement an intermittent aeration logic in the compartments for the aerobic digestion of sludge.