The first process controller with intermittent aeration logic that uses only DO concentration.

OSMART® ZERO was born as a low-cost solution that maintains the advantages of intermittent aeration for the processes of nitrification and denitrification.

The product is intended for small sewage treatment plants (< 10.000 PE) and aims at four key results:

  • energy saving
  • improvement of the effluent quality
  • reduction of the number of interventions and hours spent by personnel to keep the plant running;
  • advanced automation with very low overall intervention costs.

A specific algorithm, developed by ETC, allows OSMART® ZERO to manage the biological process of the plant through an innovative intermittent aeration logic, which is based on just on measurements of dissolved oxygen in the tank.

At the same time, the algorithm functions as a monitoring and control system for the main electromechanical components and it can be expanded for the management of additional components and different sizes.

The system is installed in a plug&play approach and uses pulsed aeration to keep the sludge suspended during non-aerated phases, with a subsequent reduction of energy usage and contained initial investment costs.

OSMART® ZERO was born from the collaboration between various companies belonging to the IWS (Integrated Water Solutions) business network, which was established to provide services and products relating to the integrated water cycle. The logics and algorithms are developed by ETC Sustainable Solutions srl.

The hardware and programming of the RCSLog3 PLC are provided by ID&A srl.

The measurement of biochemical parameters is managed by BM Tecnologie Industriali srl, which provides the measuring instruments.

Thanks to their in-depth technical skills and process knowledge, ETC personnel can intervene directly on the measuring instruments, ensuring a high-level service to the end customer.