The process controller that ensures compliance with total nitrogen discharge limits in small-medium sewage treatment plants.

OSMART ®LT is an easy to install, simple to operate process controller, which was born to optimize small-medium (< 20.000 PE) wastewater treatment plants that need to comply with total nitrogen discharge limits.

The product is able to control the main electromechanical components of the plant and to obtain four important results:

  • compliance with discharge limits on nitrogen compounds;
  • energy saving;
  • increase the degree of plant automation;
  • reduction of the number of interventions and hours spent by the personnel to keep the plant running.

Thanks to the implementation of advanced management processes and of an intermittent aeration process for nitrification and denitrification, which is based on monitoring the concentration of ammonia in the biological tank, OSMART®LT improves the efficiency of the sewage treatment plant, minimizing the operating costs associated with plant operations and electricity usage.

Monitoring a direct indicator of the progress of the nitrification and denitrification processes, rather than indirect parameters such as pH and redox potential, enables a more precise control. Consequently, the operator can avoid exceeding nitrogen parameters, which are subject to the discharge limits imposed by existing legislation. Furthermore, the process controller is able to run an automatic downgrade with different levels of automation logic.

For example, should the ammonia probe experience any malfunction, the system is able to implement the intermittent aeration logic based just on reading the measurement of dissolved oxygen in the tank, similarly to what happens with its sister product OSMART® ZERO.

The experience gained by ETC over the years shows how very good results can also be obtained in small plants, without requiring electromechanical interventions. For example, the system provides for the use of pulsed aeration to keep the sludge suspended during non-aerated phases; thus, it is not necessary to install submerged electrical mixers in the tank.

OSCAR®LT was born from the collaboration between various companies belonging to the IWS (Integrated Water Solutions) business network, which was established to provide services and products relating to the integrated water cycle.

The logics and algorithms are developed by ETC Sustainable Solutions srl.

The hardware and programming of the RCSLog3 PLC are developed by ID&A srl

The measurement of biochemical parameters is managed by BM Tecnologie Industriali srl, which provides the measuring instruments.

Thanks to their in-depth technical skills and process knowledge, ETC personnel can intervene directly on the measuring instruments, ensuring a high-level service to the end customer.